Classroom instruction at BMTderek

Throughout your training at BMT you’ll have to sit through a lot of classes in classrooms at the bottom level of each squadron building. These will be taught by various TIs, usually not your own.

The classroom environment is a little more laid back than life outside of the classroom. The TIs generally try to make it interesting and somewhat interactive to keep you awake. They may even joke around with you and cut up in the classroom, just remember that as soon as you step outside that door, it’s all business. You may see a TI be super nice and funny in the classroom but if you try to say anything to them outside of that room you better think twice.

The classes almost all consist of watching videos or Flash slideshows on a screen, and lecture by the TI. You’ll have a text book with you that you’ll carry everywhere throughout BMT which will have supplementary information in it. You’ll be able to highlight things and make notes as you please.

You’re going to be exhausted all of the time in BMT with the lack of sleep and all the physical exercise you do, so staying awake even in the most interesting classes (which are still very boring) is extremely difficult. If you feel yourself dozing off, get up out of your chair and stand in the back of the classroom. The TI would rather have you awake and standing back there than asleep in your chair. The TIs come up with interesting punishments for people that fall asleep in class, so don’t be that guy or girl.

It’s a good idea to at least try to pay attention in these classes, as you will have to pass an academic test at the end of BMT to graduate. It is not a very difficult test if you’ve at least put some effort into studying for it.