Questions you may want to ask a Recruiterderek

During your meetings with an Air Force recruiter it is a good idea to have a list of questions printed out to ask him or her to make sure you don’t forget anything that you have concerns about and to keep the meeting moving along smoothly.

A lot of the information you may want to ask a recruiter about can be answered here on, but there are some things that vary from recruiter to recruiter, so make sure you ask these questions, as well as anything else that wasn’t answered here.

  • What is your policy on job assignments? Can I wait for a job I really want, or will I be forced to take the first available job on my list, to include an open category?
  • What is the average DEP wait time right now?
  • Are there any enlistment bonuses right now?
  • Can I take the EDPT or DLAB tests to try for jobs like linguist, programmer, and technical applications specialist?
  • Ask about the process for any waivers you may require.
  • Ask the best way to get in touch with them, and how often you should communicate with them.