Questions you may want to ask a Recruiterderek

During your meetings with an Air Force recruiter it is a good idea to have a list of questions printed out to ask him or her to make sure you don’t forget anything that you have concerns about and to keep the meeting moving along smoothly.

The following are some of the questions that I asked during my first meeting and may give you a few ideas of what you’d like to ask as well.

  • What can I do to ensure my chances of being guaranteed the job I want?
  • What do I need to have in order to qualify for enlisting at an advanced rank (2 year degree, certain amount of credits?)
  • Is there a backlog of enlisted people right now, would I have to be part of the DEP (Delayed Entrance Program)?
  • Are there any recommended plans to get in shape before BMT?
  • What is the average re-enlistment bonus, if there are any?
  • Is there any chance of choosing my first duty station?
  • What are conditions like during tech school, are people living in bunks in a dormitory, or are there separate rooms.
  • How do the sign on bonuses work, and what do I have to do to qualify for them?
  • What educational opportunities do I have while enlisted?
  • Can I take leave during tech school?
  • When assigned an AFSC (Air Force Service Code), would my daily duties stick mostly verbatim to the job description, or would my role vary some depending on needs of the Air Force, and where I was stationed?
  • Are the dormitories like a college dorm with people hanging around and goofing off, or is it more like an apartment complex where people mostly keep to themselves?
  • Can friends/girls come into my room in the dormitory?